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Murder she knit: letthemysteryunravelmal

Murder she knit: letthemysteryunravelmal

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This year long blanket MAL will include a mystery each month of a "who dun it." Including colors and charms inspired by your favorite lady detective from our favorite sea-side town! We will be knitting the Northeasterly Blanket by Melissa Alexander-Loomis (knit version) and the Northeasterly blanket by Katy Stevens (crochet version). 

We will be completing chevrons each month! An easy way to break down small bits of a blanket throughout the year to make it amazingly easy to finish and stay on task completing your blanket! The mysteries each month keep it super fun an interesting to get to the next "clue."
if you don't specify knit or crochet- default is knit

Each Month's shipment:
*Twelve 10g micro skeins 
DK 75/25 SWmerino/Nylon 24yds/10g
*A set of 2 SamsTinyTrinkets charms (IF YOU CHOOSE THIS OPTION)
*A card with the month's mystery with scratch off clues to solve the mystery as you knit and crochet chevrons

PATRONS get extra goodies!
*20% off the exclusive typewriter (murder she knit) tote bag
*A vote on the next month's theme and mystery

EXISTING LETTHEMYSTERYUNRAVEL MEMBERS ***Get 15% off your first box when ordering a monthly subscription OR 20% off if you order the pre-paid option

We will be having events each month that will include movie nights, trivia, and seek & find!

Your First shipment will include some extra goodies, the pattern (knit or crochet version), and
will ship in September. Your recurring charges for the year will begin on October 1st and charge every 1st of the month for 1 year. Changes must be made 2 weeks before the 1st of each month.

WHEN: KAL kicks off October 25th and runs for 1 year. Your boxes will ship in time each month to get to you for each start date (the 25th of each month)

PRIZES: include an assortment of mystery themed gifts. Can include bags, yarn, charms, candles, lotion bars, wool wash, notions, and knitting or crochet tools
We will be providing the grand prize winner several of these items totaling approx. $300 in winnings
Monthly prizes available for those that finish 12 chevrons each month:
*Patrons get extra goodies for the monthly win (can include any of the following: bags, candles, notions, yarn, etc.)
*Non patrons:  monthly detective prize will consist of the colorway of the month (100g skein) and a SamsTinyTrinkets trinket dish, special coupon code for the shop!

Choose your Skintone so that each month your SamsTinyTrinkets character charm will be as beautiful as you! IF you do not choose default is skintone 6

 RULES for the KAL:

Your minis will be labeled 1-12

Each mini skein is a “clue”- When you knit or crochet up a chevron, scratch off the coordinating numbered clue in your detective sheet and post a photo on instagram of your chevron using the hashtag #Letthemysteryunravelmal (Do not worry about revealing the clue on the detective sheet online, winning prizes is solely based on knitting or crocheting the 12 chevrons during the month each month- the revealed clues are for the fun of unraveling the mystery only). If you get all 12 clues revealed in a given month and you post using the hashtag, you are entered for a monthly prize (this is not the same as the grand prize) it is in addition to grand prizes at the end. The winner will receive their prizes with their following shipment. We will announce monthly winners on instagram and tag you. 

You must finish and block the blanket to be entered for grand prizes by October 25, 2025.