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WoolenWomenFibers Yarn Bases

About us:

WoolenWomenFibers produces indie-dyed yarn, “down to a science!” Dyed by a molecular scientist. WoolenWomenFibers is a family and women-owned business that blends the laboratory with the dye studio to bring one-of-a-kind vibrant works of art to your needles! This dynamic trio is made up of a mother and her twin daughters. We believe in uplifting women and all people!
We especially believe in the healing powers of creativity and the fiber arts!
All our bases are named after inspirational women of the fiber industry. We hope that these names and events spark some creativity in you to continue reading on your own or to ask questions you never thought of before! We above all, hope you learn something!


Fingering Weight Bases

Owen- A Yorkshire shepherdess and a mother of 9! 
This is one of our sock bases! It has a twist to the yarn giving it a bit more durability in addition to the nylon content. Perfect for sock knitting but also lends great drape for shawl and fingering weight garment knitting.
80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon
2ply yarn 
400 yds/100g skein


Addie- Addie Elizabeth Greene was a BIPOC knitter who knit the American Flag in 1918.
This sock base lends more durability to sock knitting as it has a higher content of nylon. It has a firm twist and is perfect for sock knitting but also lends great drape for shawl and fingering weight garment knitting.
75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon
2ply yarn
463 yds/100g 


Rachel-  A beautiful shepherdess in the bible

This fiber soft, luxurious, and beautiful base is perfect for treating yourself to knitting pure goodness! Nylon gives this already soft, luxury fiber some durability. Perfect for all garment knitting and socks!
80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon
4ply yarn
435 yds/100g


Goderich- [Named after the town in Ontario,Canada in which a blind woman knit 720 socks to support the troops in WWI] This 100% merino base has wonderful sheen, speckles the best and has gorgeous drape!
100% Superwash Merino
2ply yarn
400 yds/100g skein
Makinson & Hutchinson- Makinson is a pioneer in textile physics. "knitting is coding and the fiber is programmable." Hutchinson is a pioneer in the textile chemistry field. These bases are a blend of merino for softness, nylon for durability, and gold OR silver stellina. Stellina is a non-metal fiber- in this base it adds just a touch of glitz to your project. Great for socks and other garments!
75% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, 5% Silver OR gold Stellina
2ply yarn
438 yds/100g skein


Matsumoto-  "What a tangled web we weave," a pioneer in math and mechanics of knitting.
This base lends ALL the fluff! Add this super fine, lace weight fluff to your main knitting base to add some fluff and warmth to your sweaters. The added delicate halo lends a beautiful feel and look to any sweater!
64% Kid Mohair 36% Silk
Single Ply
459 yds/50g
Sloan- Jeanette Sloan is a designer, knitter and helps bring diversity in the fiber industry to the forefront "Black people do knit."
This slub yarn is a showstopper! showing off all the gorgeous slubs, adding texture to your knitting! I often substitute this base where garter knitting in fingering weight is called for. It adds depth and a special touch to any project!
90% Superwash Merino 10% Nylon
Single Ply
438 yds/100g
Vivienne- Vivienne Toon knit 7,000 poppies in remembrance of fallen soldiers of WWI, they now create a Christmas tree in the UK.
This blend creates a heathered effect as the linen will not take up acid dye but the merino drinks it up! The fiber lends a beautiful drape to any project and is perfect for warm weather knitting.
the linen add a bit of a rustic feel to the gorgeously soft merino.
90% Superwash Merino 10% linen
Single Ply
400 yds/100g

DK Weight Bases
Sojourner- Sojourner Truth was a BIPOC women's rights activist, born into slavery. Among so many other achievements, she taught knitting at a refugee camp for emancipated slaves.
This DK base plumps when dyed, has a great stitch definition and is perfectly soft and squishy. Perfect for sweater knitting and colorwork!
100% Superwash Merino
4ply yarn
231 yds/100g
Worsted Weight Bases
Keckley- Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley was taken into slavery. She became an civil activist and was one of the best seamstresses! She overcame insurmountable horrors on her road to freedom but endured to buy her freedom and to try to practice her seamstress skills free in washington. She later earned a faculty position teaching her skills to others.
This worsted base is super squishy and plump! It lends excellent stitch definition for colorwork. The Merino makes this base extremely soft.
100% Superwash Merino
4ply yarn
218 yds/100g
Sewell- A BIPOC knitter and activist. To promote healing and to try to spark a conversation to promote change and action against racism, Sewell taught protesters to knit. (The Ferguson protests were the reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown by a police. This horrible tragedy drew attention to the relationship between BIPOC and police).
This worsted base is hardy and soft. It is perfect for colorwork, sweater knitting and for creating warm, cozy garments. This non Superwash base is a bit more muted in color, often giving it a more rustic palette to colorways.
100% Non Superwash Merino
4ply yarn
218 yds/100g skein
Bulky/Chunky Weight Bases
Rinker- The Spy who knitted socks! Molly Rinker was a tavern keeper that heard the soldiers talk. She passed on intelligence to George Washington by hiding notes in yarn balls!
This bulky base is super sringy, soft and plump! It has a nice twist and takes color beautifully. This base is perfect for quick and satisfying projects. Hats and scarves, or a chunky sweater, anything is possible!
100% Superwash Merino
3ply yarn
106 yds/100g